Volunteer Opportunities

Do you love to help out your community? Do you wish you could do more, and help make our community even better? Perhaps you are looking for that little extra for your resume? Come volunteer with Safety City! A wonderful contribution, and you can choose what type of work to do. You can be very involved with the children who come through or you may wish to be doing something quiet, on your own. All of it matters and all of it makes a difference. Is there something else that you would like to do for us? Feel free to let us know. Apply today to open your doors to an even brighter future!

We Have the Following Positions Available

Party Host

Hosting birthday parties, teaching safety for both the quad drivers and the pedestrians crossing our streets. Have fun out on the streetscape after giving a brief safety lesson in our party room. Minor set up and clean up after the party. This is a great opportunity to add volunteer experience with children to your resume. Well suited for College/University students in Education or the Health Services field. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, submit an application via email to safetycity@telusplanet.net


Do you love our community, value what we do here but would prefer not to be working directly with the public? We always have things that need to be done such as mowing the lawns, shoveling the sidewalks or tidying up any of our numerous buildings. If you would like to volunteer in this capacity, with any or all of the above, submit an application to safetycity@telusplanet.net


Are you a very hands-on type person? Do people often refer to you as a jack-of-all-trades? We would love to have your assistance with repairs as they come up around Safety City. This could include anything from fixing quads to putting up shelving to painting a room or anything in between. If this sounds perfect for you, please submit an application to safetycity@telusplanet.net

Summer Support

Do you love kids, outdoors and safety? Are you looking to help out in an extremely fun and exciting environment? We love having extra support and help during our busiest months. This could really include all the months of the year, however, we are busiest from May-August. Would you like to help out and have some great experience for later in life? Submit your resume via email to safetycity@telusplanet.net

Board Member

Do you want to be even more involved? Would you like your voice heard and your opinion to be truly considered on major decisions within our society? Join our Board today. Call or email the office to find out more.

What Our Customers Say

“The ladies teaching were excellent! We’ll be back next year!.”

– Simone H.